Drive trip to Kukup

Hello Readers,


Today I will be sharing with you my Drive Trip to Kukup during the Good-Friday Long Weekend!



Casper & I set off from Singapore at about 5am in the morning when the Jam is the least.


We have attached a map below for your reference.

The drive is about 1hr 30mins or so it was pretty fast as Kukup is still in the Johor area.
Kukup is a village-liked place unlike a city like Singapore. Their house are built on water  on the people there are very friendly and you can see neighbours talking to each other. They do small trading like selling of kuehs and vegetables and some even sell meat at the road side.
We visted their jetty and also their kelong (house). Kelong are a malay name for houses built on water. Kelong house owners depend on fishing for a living.
As you can see, they sell vegetables and meat right in front of their houses. Kukup kelong houses are built in Mangrove area. The water is muddy and their trees have Ariel Roots so they can breathe better.
We had a very peaceful walk down the aisle and fearing not to fall into the muds. Perhaps we are the most noisy person in the whole kampong.
Over here in Kukup, they do welcome tourist like you & me. For those we enjoy fishing, you could join their Day Tour. They provide fishing equipments and also ferry you out for fishing trips. Margaret & Michael, this is for you guys! 
They have temples for the temple-goers and also very nice photography spots for the photographer!
For those who likes Massage, they also have a foot reflexology centre set up here!
For those Models wanna-be like me, you should do your poses here too. The lighting and view is very pretty here. This lighting is actually Yanghui’s favourite.
We try out their Bakuteh and it was pretty awesome and yummy!
We also took this photo using my Exilim TR15 Remote Capture.
Next, we went to a beach nearby at a town of Pontian, around 15-20mins drive.
Took some photos there and enjoyed the morning breeze.


We went to Taman Sutera Shopping Mall~!


We found this Crayon Shin-Chan (蜡笔小新)Themed Shop @ Level 2!
The very nice owner allowed me to take some photos with 小新 and 小白!
Crayon Shin-Chan is one of my favourite Comic Show till now. It is so funny and everyone should just watch an episode or 2!
The shop name is Evol is directly up the escalator. We also bought a couple tee there which cost about RM150 for 2 piece with discount.
Then next, we were stopped by a random salesperson at the Escape Room Booth that introduce us to Escape Room! I am totally clueless about escape room and she told us is just using clues and locks to escape from a room while completing the mission.
I have seen my friend, Andrew, went to the ones in Singapore but I wasn’t that interested to find out as there wasn’t any caption on his Facebook whether it is nice a not.
The salesperson made me and casper to do a simple mission and if we complete it within 1 minute, we would be able to get a gift.
Apparently, I managed to clear it in 33’seconds and manage to get a Cash Discount Voucher for a game inside the Arena.
So we decided to try the 3 Star Challenge Game “UP” (inspired by the Disney Movie)
So before we enter the challenge, we went to a nearby Cafe (4th floor of Sutera Mall) to have a drink as the challenge will take 45mins.
We had Matcha and Caramel Cake.
The cafe is very ZEN and very comfortable. The area is very quiet and soothing.
The drinks and the cake was very yummy too.
Casper had Vegetarian Duck Rice too and he said it was yummy. I stole about half a bowl not exactly stole but I knew he could not finish it! It was super delicious!
We completed the mission! Woohoo. It was a tough one actually. I shall not mention much about this and let you guys try it.
We won by a marginal of 45’secs and Thank God we managed to complete it on time. The challenge is very difficult and clues aren’t straight forward. Maybe you could try it out next time and let me know how you find it.
Location: Taman Sutera Mall , Level 4 (Opposite MY Library)

At night, we checked in our Hotel. It is Avantgarde Hotel.

Avantgarde Hotel

We choose this hotel because we like their bathtub with Jacuzzi. But on this FATEFUL NIGHT!


Seriously, I can’t imagine a hotel with no hotel water supply.

When we call them, they shows no signs of apology.

Casper: Hello, I would like to check why doesn’t the room have hot water supply?

Receptionist: Let me check and call you back.

——- 30 mins later ——–

Casper: Hello, is the HOT Water supply back?

Receptionist: The technician is still fixing. We will call you back.

—–Meanwhile, Gerlyn is still inside the bathroom with tons of soap , aka Bathe Halfway!——

——-15 mins later ——

——Gerlyn decided to bathe in COLD WATER in fear of getting a cold.——-


Casper: Hello, I called to check about the WATER SUPPLY!

Recept: We cut off the water supply so we can fix the water heater.

—- LASTLY, Gerlyn bathe in cold water with limited drips of water supply ——

the next morning! we went to the recept….


Casper: When will the hot water supply be ready?

Receptionist: This evening.

Casper: Then how we bathe?

Receptionist: Oh. Sorry.

Casper: That’s all?

Receptionist: So Sorry LOR…. The technician will continue to fix.

I was so pissed off and we walked out of the lobby angrily!


We had an extremely bad experience! Book @ your own RISK!
I have to admit the room is very big and pretty.
Toilet is very spacious. Bathtub has jacuzzi too. But what is a bathroom without WATER HEATER?!
The view outside the hotel is pretty awesome too. They have got funfair!
Nearby has a KTV.
It is so worthwhile!

RM 15.90 ++

For 1 pax ( Inclu. FREE FLOW DRINKS and 1 set dinner)

This is our set dinner. Left: Spaghetti , Right: Nissin Noodles
The next morning we had a short walk around the neighbourhood.
Found this place with Yummy Yummy Dimsum!
I recommend their Egg Tart and Soya Milk with Gula Melaka!
It is so yummy and I will be back again!

Holiday Plaza

Next we went to holiday plaza to alter my party dresses. Made new contact lenses and a new pair of spectacles! Thanks Hubby!

The salesperson from Focus Point also introduce us to Lycan Chicken Cutlet Shop.
We had Black Pepper Chicken Cutlet Rice and Mushroom Chicken Cutlet Rice.
It is very yummy. The chicken is very tender as shop owner does marinate the chicken cutlet before cooking.
The sauce used is very special and addictive!
It is located @ level 2 of Holiday Plaza outside Information Counter in the shopping mall.
So that’s all for my introduction and travelling post!
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