Hello Readers,

Here i am to introduce a really nice and yummy dessert to all of you :)

It is located @ ABC Market at Queenstown.. It is pretty nice and yummy…

So wenxi is looking at what to order :) actually, must be really careful when ordering, not all is nice…

although they have award but i think their milk/pudding series is soso nia….

I order the double pudding milk ice and it was ok ok only…

Wenxi order a grassjelly or lemon aiyu one and it is awesome..

So …….


Their ice is quite rough but the jelly and fenyuan is yummy.. so i decided to try the hot dessert nice time :)

this is the very yummy sesame fenyuan.. ^^

so this is a simple review for creo :) 
Taste: 7/10 quite yummy for the non-milk series
Service: 2/10 kinda bad as they dont really talk much and you gotta self-service? 
Value for money: 5/10 the portion is very little and alot of ice!
But i will still visit them because their fenyuan is very yummy.. and i m a fan of fenyuan..
Anyway, i think if i really got a choice, i will go BLACKBALL instead :P 
This review is not sponsor or what or anything jus a review i did to tell u all whether the food is nice anot…. 
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