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Courier Service for LISHE Wedding Photoshoot

Hello Readers!

Remember Part 1????

Yup we received our Parcel from a courier service from China, Shenyang.

Pretty Lousy Service!

Let me tell you why…..

This Company Xin Tian, Albatross sucks! 
1) They told us they will deliver home on Friday. My in-law were at home all the day and they never arrive and they never even bother to call. 
2) They got Wenxi number wrong and dont bother to change it >.<lll still keep calling his wrong no. this morning.
3) Tell us they deliver yesterday morning then awhile say the delivery man not around then change to afternoon. Then change to today….. >.<lll
Jialat la….. 
No need to say you also know…. 
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