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Hello Reader! :)

As you all know I am on Inman Aligner now, so i got to keep my teeth super duper clean after every meal & drinks right? 
*actually all of us should brush after every meal with or without braces!* 
Jus that u are sightly more disciplined if you are on a braces! Haha!
So anyway, i walk passed 7-11 near office today and wanting to get a travel toothbrush kit… However, these Colgate products attracts me instead.
Colgate Optic White 全亮白 $7.90
Colgate Slim Soft toothbrush $6.60
Both are new products :)) 
Why them? You must be wondering! 
Optic white —-> because i wanted professional white teeth without whitening it at the dentist! :P mine isnt yellowish but can be whiter, why not?
Xiao S is the ambassador for this product and she said 在一周内提升一个美白等级!means, in a week can upgrade to a whiter level! 
Slim soft —-> all along i suffer from swollen and bleeding gums occassionally. And i do not floss my teeth at all. Recently those food i eat very 卡牙 like they stuck in between the teeth and i always use my nails to dig them out.. Very unglam i know. Wanted to buy those electronic toothbrush but find it expensive and secondly, what if no battery? Die liao lor! Then read online that during inman aligner proccedures, i should use soft bristle toothbrush to clean the aligner and to clean my teeth every meal. So i think the bristle must be super soft since i need to brush 3-4times a day….

Here’s the picture of optic white :) a little small in quantity right? I tot so too.. A little disappointed. But the tooth brush was goody! 1 for $4.40 but buy 2 get one free so paid $6.60 for 3 toothbrush. Awkward maths calculation actually! But who cares? Haha! Cheaper can liao!

So the instruction at the back advice us to brush after every meal or AT LEAST 3 times a day! And for 2mins each time! Ok… How i know whether got 2 mins? I jus brush until i think it is clean then gurgle liao…

3 toothbrush means can last me for 9mths from today! :))

Anyway, i will review again to see if optic white really works anot! :P 
Cheers for a brighter & whiter smile! 
Love, ger!
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