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Hey readers, remember that i once called in CARTUNEs hosted by Jean & Mike? And i acted as Lulu (character played by Mediacorp Artise Michelle Chong)

See this post :

So yup, this is the reward me & wenxi have got!! :))))) HOORAY~!

Look at the whole collection of Deejays & me POLAROID :D So happy!!!

Me & Joe :) HAHAHAHA~! He remembers me from the Poulet Lunch :)
See this post:
So I was given a better life with Wenxi :P So shiok!

Joe actually told wenxi to turn on the FLASH because he said the best about iphone 5s is their flash… So yup, i think flash made us look fatter instead :P hahaha~!

During the Private Party, they gave out lucky draw!! They got Hotel Staycation “One Night Staycation” Stay + Vacation .. They also give out One Asus Phonepad… <— Shiok sia….
I din not win anything as usual… But i m lucky enough to have a party with them :)

This is the food platter they provide.. Although not very filling for a 大胃王 like me & wenxi but it is very YUMMMMMMYYY! They have like BBQ mushroom, Spring Roll and deep fried popiah, and not to forget…. FRESH OYSTER! Shiok bo!

Of course with great food there must be great company! :) This is Yazzyyy :) Yasminne Cheng :) My favourite lunch break Deejay :) I always wrote stories to her to win stuff :P hehe! So she asked, have i wrote any? I told her about the Nursing Home story previously and you know what? She remember!!!! GOSH! She have got good memory.. not like me, a brain of a goldfish! :P She also said she was so touched by my story ^^ hehe.. so happy!

Our Zipai photo again ^^ Marina Bay Sand is right behind us…. So pretty right?? I hope to stay one night there too! :P

I ordered a cup for red wine :) It is a merlot although i am not a red wine connisoure, but it is pretty yum yum :) Plus it is FREE-of -CHARGE! :) so yup, 人家出钱,我出命!haha!

Nice view? Singapore flyer on the right, MBS on the left :D

It is a very pretty view :) And i m impressed by the low light condition iphone 5s still can take a gooddyyy phtoto!

YAY! Finally Jean Danker & Mike Kasam Arrived!! :) you do knw they rushed down after their shows right? I seriously think that jean is sooooo prettttyyy!~ And you know how i and Jean & Mike acknowledge each other?我们怎样相认呢?I said…….. 你好我是露露!Hellow, I am LULU~! They laugh out LOUD! :P

I request for a polaroid taken with Jean and the FRIENDLY JOE actually help us take a photo @ the side… he is so nice right???? Thanks Joe Augstine :)

The owh-so-prettaye JEAN DANKER! And i am also holding on tightly to my polaroid :P

Me & Mike Kasam… He is super funny!!! :) And he wrote a note for me… :) Show you all later :)

L to R: Mike, Wenxi, Me & Jean…. We took a photo with them because we got the invites so a very friendly couple help us take a photo :) Thanks!! 

Wenxi wanted so much to take a photo here… LOLS!

L to R: Joe, Wenxi, Me, Yazzy & Glenn Ong.. My Twin… lols… Glenn Ong & Girl-lyn Ong… Kinda sounds alike….. :P

My evil twinnn :P haha! Hope he doesnt mind… He is the best deejay ever ever! :) So funny and entertaining ^^

Our indoChine wrist band…. IndoChine is the name of the pub / restaurant!

This is their restaurant @ level 16…. Jus now we were at level 17 their rooftop bar…

The stairs for the model walkway :P

Taken @ their restaurant!

Outside their restaurant.. you can see the top of the fake trees!

While waiting for the lift up to level 15 :) Shiok right???? Like zooom up! It is the highest point of the garden!!!

Boxes of IndoChine :)

@ the entrance… :)

When the light turns BLUE.. AVATAR!

Nice view right?

Zipai with The Gardens by the bay logo :)

polaroids moments with the deejays!

Yazzy! :)

With Glenn :) Twinnie :)

With JOE!!!

With Mike.. Look at what he wrote… “Michelle Gerlyn Might take your job! Lulu!” Lols… Bad grammar but quite understandable.. :P teehee! Well, Michelle is too good to take over.. I wanna learn from her instead!

And my FAVE Jean Danker! <3 Love you too!


So One Eye Click actually sponsored a photobooth @ this party.. Regret not knowing them earlier.. If not can hire them for my birthday party.. Maybe I can save more on Polaroid…

So they helps us take Photo like NEOPRINT MACHINE~ Using a booth called SUZIE…

They have like TONS OF PROPS for us to use!!!

Us taken without props…. :) And its so clear that you can see our BAG on the left.. oopsssyyy…

Now time to act CRAZYYYY~!!

They print it out for us immediately and gave us 2 copies.. 2 of us mah!

Hmmm.. Actually the size abit awkward to keep.. So wenxi left it in his left pocket.. :P 
We were thinking should we hire SUZIE for our wedding??
Whats you take? Comment below ^^ 
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