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    We are now hosting the site our selfs and using domain

      We are currently upgrading services, we are now hosted in UK Kent with sz1hosting Group Please feel free to browse and search this blog for information and view GerzWorld posts you are interested in! This site will be completed in days or 2 weeks maximum we hope you like our new design when it is finally implemented! Thank you :)

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    Ger’z World Revamp by

    *Advertorial* Hello Readers, Do you remember how Ger’z World looks like in the past? I still remember that my sister, Keslyn told me, “Your blog design is too childish!” At that point of time, I didn’t really care that much. I just thought to myself. “Who cares, nobody reads it at all! “ But slowly I have readers that feedback to me saying that, my site took very long to load. Then this keeps me pondering. Is it time for a REVAMP? Well, revamp is possible actually since I learnt a little of Basic Web-designing when I was in Secondary School. But *coughs coughs* I am just too lazy to…