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Casperlyn Review : Massage @ Spa Infinity

Finally Casperlyn Wedding Part 1 is over. Why is there parts you must be asking! It is because next week we are going to Segamat (Johor, Malaysia) to have Part 2. Casperlyn wedding will officially end next week.

To be honest, wedding process seems very troublesome and somewhat hassle but I think the wedding day is worst.

So Casperlyn decided to pamper themselves before the wedding day so they could look better & perform at the tip top on their big day.

Wedding day Eve (21.March.14)

Woke up @ 9am , rush off to Spa Infinity appointment @ 11am.

I did a detox treatment & Wenxi took a calming treatment. We had this DBS promotion so therefore it is 1 for 1 treatment.
Treatment Price: $28 / pax
Massage Oil: $28/pax

Therefore we paid $28×3 =$84

The massaging was ok to soso only… Because it is very painful. But there facilities is AWESOME :) They have a big jacuzzi pool and a steam room and some gym facilities and a lounge area for you to relax yourself. All facilities is FOC as long as you took up a massage service with them. They also have a mini cafe which sells food like LouMaiKai & Fan Choy. They also serves free Ginger Tea or plain water. Plain water is basically free flow because you can dispense it out from the cooler.

Before the treatment, we spent 1 hr bathing & doing jacuzzi. Rest assure, it is gender separated facilities. There are some Aunties that walk around naked (without undies) I was so embarrassed. But it is still a girls room so its still technically alright. But a tiny whinny suggestion is to have more rooms for changing. They have only 2 rooms and 5 ladies queuing outside. Quite saddening and they dun have hooks for clothes in the shower room. But the best part is that they have a locker all to yourself! But remember to bring an ID card to exchange for the keys.

Price: 7/10 (consider quite cheap in the town area)
Service: 6/10 (They dont address us by name by instead by locker number)
Facilities: 10/10 (Jacuzzi pool is a must try. Very relaxing and soothing. )
Massage skill: 5/10 (very uncomfortable even i told her to be softer)

Overall experience: B+  Would be better if massage skill is more awesome.

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