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Casio Exilim EX-TR15 Review aka TR150(China) 自拍神器


Hello Readers,

Thank you for waiting for 1 month for this long awaited post and I am gonna make this post worthy!

I guess before I go into the review or sharing session, you all will be curious about how much I spend for this Camera right?

Seriously speaking…. How much do you think it worth? $400? Maybe $600? ALL WRONG!


$1k +++ Yes! This camera is that expensive! So stop saying it’s “cheap” it’s “useless” it’s for “bimbos” because it is not cheap, not entirely useless. This camera is perfect for girls like me..

Why is for Girls like me?

1) Do not make up everyday but yet camwhore everyday!

2) Go everywhere also must selfie!

3) Got DSLR also don’t know how to do setting.

Not sure if there is people as noob as me. But definitely there are people as crazy as me to get this camera.


SGD $999 /-


Due to it’s craze in South East Asia and in China, the price can soar up to $1.4k !

You did not see it wrongly, it is $1.4k !

Just for your info, I bought it at ….. $1,390.00 … Call me crazy.. Well, I kinda regret for the hefty price I paid for and now I am paying for my mistake and my impulsive decision.

So I really hope you guys think twice before buying this camera.


The reason I paid for $1,390.00 is because Harvey Norman forced me to take this BUNDLE DEAL !

They gave me a Casio Exilim ZR200 saying that it is “FREE” … Yeah… Free you mean! I don’t need it at all! I got so many digital camera lying dead at home and why I need ZR200 when I got DSLR and TR15?

Thanks Harvey for the apparently “FREE” camera you gave to me.

Anyway, I have not unbox ZR200 not planning to sell or use it myself. Just gonna let it ROT! I am just kidding, I am planning to sell at $300 so if anyone wants to buy it can contact for details. Retail price for ZR200 is about $599 but I am just selling at $300 to cover my cost of Exilim as it is suppose to be $999 only!


These are the “FREEBIES” they gave it to me at Harvey. Berry Impressive… NOT! A exilim Camera pouch from Casio and Harvey claimed to be FREEBIES from Harvey. Oh wells… You win!


Just for your info and please refer to the image above.

TR10 (Old model)

TR 15 (New Model)

TR 35 (Not yet release in April 2014 when I bought TR15)

You will be asking… “WHAT IS THEIR DIFFERENCE?”

I can tell you frankly! No difference! Nothing changed from the start till the end. Nothing will ever changed.

Maybe the only thing that upgrade is TR15 has 12 modes in Make Up mode settings and maybe the Remote Capture Function and WiFi Built in Function. That’s all.

Just for your another information, the first Generation of TR series is merely about $400-$600 in 2011 – 2012 and at that point of time, I really thought it was expensive already when I was a student. But now, as an adult, $1.4k doesn’t really make a big difference. Nonetheless, this camera is certainly not worth the price. $800 still can consider but think for yourself, $1.4k you willing to spend?



As we continue to unbox, we realise the biggest different is that TR15 can remove BATTERIES!


What so good about that?

1) In-case in future your battery spoilt, you can just change a new battery!

2)You can remove the battery and charge separately using the battery charger and therefore you wont Over-Heat the camera!

Anyway, I have tested. A full batt can used for 200 pictures (With no flash & special function & No WiFi)



Because my TR is also white which is same as Kiko, so I decided to customise it with glitters from Daiso Always $2.

Wendi decorate a “Gerz” for me which symbolise Ger’z World. The lanyard is from USS which cost $15.90.

So how we used the TR200 in last Nov? TR200 Kiko also bought about $800 to $900 but she manage to Tax Refund so yeah, she is lucky. TR200 self timer is different from TR150 (TR15) as we can just tap to capture. The main difference is the no. of shutter button. I have got 2 and kiko only got 1 button.

Look at this photo. I am on the left and kiko is on the right. On the left, look where I am pressing and on the right look where Kiko is pressing. The main difference in our both camera is the weight. Yanghui said mine is heavier. 2nd difference is TR15 can use ANDROID cable but Yanghui can only use “Casio cable”. The sad thing is that, Yanghui purposely never bring her camera Casio cable and thought she could share share with me in the end, her camera died in Day 2 of our Foxies Retreat.

013 fail
bad images taken during low light condition

Just for your information, 神器 TR-series regardless whichever or whatever model takes VERY LOUSY photos during LOW-LIGHT condition. Look at the above #failed photos Photos turn out to be blur, pixelated and just Lousy. Even with flash also no use. Flash will usually over-exposed the photos and you can’t even see anyone.

014 pass
Nice photos with good lightings

神器 TR – series depends a lot on good lightings. With nice lightings, the photos are pretty amazing!


Final Review!!!


Rating using 1-10* (1 – bad , 10 – excellent)


Cost of Camera: $999 (Retail Price) $1,400 (Market Price) —– TOO EXPENSIVE! (2/10)
(Buy it if you really likes it a lot. Even though I curb my temptation 2years ago but yet I succumb to TR15 when I started working now.)


Image Stabiliser: There is no image stabiliser built in but based on the “shakiness” of image. (1/10)
(When taking of images, you cannot shake even a tiny bit if not the whole photo will go blur!) — For a camera that cost a thousand dollars and yet don’t have image stabiliser, what do you think of it now?


Zooming: There is no optical zoom, it is all digital zoom. Therefore I don’t encourage zooming as it is useless. (3/10)
(Got zoom better than no zoom function!)


Night Mode: The night quality is very bad as you can see above. It is useless if you bring it to clubs or night hiking. (0/10)
(You might wanna use their “useless” flash. But I do warn you, it’s useless because you won’t post the photos you took!)


Wide angle: The camera can capture alot of people without the use of selfie rods. Which is better than iphone front camera. lols So I give it (8/10)


Make up mode: Good quality photo taken in the day and also make up mode let you achieve flawless skin. (10/10) 
(No more 美图秀秀) 


Built in Wifi: Convenience in transferring of photos. very easy to connect and no need to many procedures unlike the wifi card. (10/10)


Overall: 7/10 

User friendly, easy to use and a must have for selfie purpose!!! :) 

My personal review (summary of my whatsapp chat with Ting Ting)

Ting: Gerlyn, can ask about your Casio camera? How much you paid cos I find it cool and wanted to know more before I buy. Any bad experience you have had? Thx


Gerlyn: It’s very overpriced, secondly the night quality is bad, third no image stabiliser. I don’t think is very worth it. Photos are blur easily. If you really wan, you can try because I still went ahead to buy even of the bad reviews online. I bought it at $1.4k and I got TR15.


Gerlyn: On my wedding, I used TR200 , peiyu wedding i used tr150 aka tr15. The camera is worth $300 but because of china market then it became 1k plus.


Ting: Wow such a big difference. I think I can forget it. $1.4k I can buy a PRO camera liao. hehe.


Ting: Thanks for the info.


Gerlyn: Wenxi camera only cost me 1.2k with full upgrade if I upgrade it.


Ting: Wow really overpriced. haha!


Gerlyn: This weekend i am going to blog abt this too and you gave me  more 灵感!


Ting: Haha. I see got blog then i go and read hehe. Boohoo I unexpectedly help you! haha


Gerlyn: 1.4k can go taiwan eat a lot liao.


Ting: Yes its more than a hotel stay and air tickets (FYI, ting ting annual trip with hangs is to go taiwan)


Ting: Cos i find your camera very cool cos it can turn. But then again way above my budget hehe cos i tot Casio not very expensive haha


Gerlyn: It’s cool but when i ask people this question: ” how much do you think it cost? ” a lot of people guess $500- $800


Ting: yayaya


Gerlyn: Then I said i paid 1.39k for it


Ting: Same thinking haha!


Gerlyn: Then they all say “SIAO UH!”


Ting: For a 1.4k is more like a pro cam! Yalor hahaha!


Gerlyn: 1.4k can buy basic canon and samsung camera semi pro also only cost 800


Ting: yaya my sony semi pro only 600 ! haha!


Gerlyn: alot of ppl say to me ” my selfie rod only cost $13.90 and your selfie rod cost over 1k!” haha! very expensive rod i have!


Ting: Scary! Lucky i find out more from you if not i think i will cry when i buy.


Ting Ting: I think for the brand it’s not worth this price. Cos Casio don’t think is meant for camera compared to Nikon or Canon that is how i felt. hehe.






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