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Broga Hill review :)

Moutain Top :) 

Hello Readers! :)
The foxies adventure into BROGA HILL~! It is located in southern selangor… a part of malaysia… 

This is the distance to broga hilltop.. not the height of the hill ok??? the hill top i think is 400meters high….

a photo of me & kiko at the 2nd or 3rd peak… :) super shag liao…. plus the inman aligner very pain also… haha..

Wenxi & me…

Thanks jinhe for the nice picture taken…. can see i am quite tired but to wenxi, it is no kick la! 

he is setting up the tripod so we could do jump shot!! :) and zipai :) 

the four of us :) the foxies! 

This is taken using kiko’s casio exilim… SHEN QI! shiok la this! 

see the nice scenery and our face like auto become very pretty… like acne-less :P shiok hor? But exilim cost so expensive…. 


I had a fall…. and got abrasion on my hand… But thanks to jinhe he saved me.. lols…. Anyway wenxi said he did not manage to climb this previously because he came alone.. so we did it together!!! :) 
where is kiko??? 
She took the picture la!! 

we got to the PEAK! woohoo 

climb climb climb!!!

very artistic picture taken by jinhe


kiko seems most energetic…

actually the most energetic is me la… still can do model shoot…. >.<lll 
Broga hill rocks!!!


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