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Birthday Celebration for the August Babies (Casper’s Birthday @ Jewel Box, Elvina’s 21st & JinHe’s Surprise Celebration)

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Hello Readers,

Today I will be sharing on the following stuff with you! It’s the Birthday Celebration for the August Babies!

1) Casper’s Birthday @ Jewel Box (13th August) Celebrated on Actual Day

2) Elvina’s 21st Birthday Celebration (24th August) Celebrate on 23rd Aug

3) JinHe’s Surprise Celebration (26th August) Celebrate on 27th Aug

So I booked the Singapore Cable car for Casper’s birthday dinner.

Why Cable Car?

1) I have never been on the cable car

2) Since ages Casper been on a cable car

3) We can have private space on cable car.

But what is not so good about the car?

1) No fire-lighting on Birthday Cake

2) No outside food

3) 3 days before the celebration, this news came about.

We actually reconsidered our date in Cable car however, we choose to go on with our decision because……

1) Must trust Singapore SAFETY standard!!! If really cannot, they confirm won’t let us ride the cable car!

02a Let us report to our Sky Dining waiting Lounge.

So we enjoy welcome drinks and red-carpet express boarding!



So our welcome drinks, we got Champagne! Why? More Worth it la!

So we picked the Sky Dining Experience package for 3 course dinner.

Apparently the cheapest menu they have.

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 11.11.20 pm


Our Menu was pre-ordered when we did our reservation online.

We picked the 3 course dinner. Here is our menu. Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 11.12.07 pm

Quite glad that Casper’s birthday is on Wednesday! So I get to save quite a bit.

So this is what we chose.

Welcome Drink : Sparkling Jewel

Appetizer/1st round: Slow Poached Prawn in Tarragon Nage, Crispy Wild Rice Crumble, Garden Cress, Mango-Passion Fruit Yoghurt Dressing

Main Course/ 2nd Round:

(Gerlyn: Yuzu Sorbet & Pan-Seared Atlantic Cod Fillet, Potato Leek Fondue, Warm Basil Tomato Relish)

(Casper: Yuzu Sorbet & Oven-Roasted Chicken Ballontine Lyonnaise Potatoes, Truffle Scented Mushroom Ragout Rosemary Jus)

Dessert/3rd Round:Chocolate Dome Feuilletine, Red Friut Compote

Drinks: Orange Juice for me & Coffee for Casper


As you can see, the food was already well-prepared for us. 


One last photo before we set off. 08

Before we enjoy our appetiser, we decided to cut the cake first. Because the light is quite pretty now. 


Cake is from pOsh $15 (3 portions) 

I wrote: Happy Birthday Casper! I <3 U09

The view is quite awesome up here right? 


Taking a selfie with the pretty pretty cake :)

Happy birthday Casper!

Wow.. there is a flying cable car outside. 12

Cheers :) 13

The very the happy the birthday boy with his appetiser :D 14

I really love this kind of fine dining cuisine because the made food look so yummy! 15

FYI,  I am a prawn lover. But I dun like the process of peeling prawns. x100 Thumbs up for the peeled prawns.

I was flushed red because of my Champagne. It was quite “powerful” to an extend. 

Or maybe I can’t hold my liquor well. :x

15eThe night scenery is very pretty and we thought it is time for some SELFIES~!!



This is the view of sentosa. Can you spot the star cruise?

This is the view of Sentosa facing Singapore Island. Can you spot Keppel Bay?

This is facing Sentosa .. I think this is the hotel area. 


Now we are @ the middle of Sentosa & Singapore… 

We are travelling back to Singapore.


Can you spot the broadwalk? 21

OMG! Can you see the swimming pool on the cruise. 

This is the main course for Casper. The chicken one.

Oven-Roasted Chicken Ballontine Lyonnaise Potatoes, Truffle Scented Mushroom Ragout Rosemary Jus


This is my Main course! 

Pan-Seared Atlantic Cod Fillet, Potato Leek Fondue, Warm Basil Tomato Relish

It’s super yummy! I love the creamy sauce that comes with it. 


Jewel box also give us Orange juice too. 

Which I felt the orange juice is actually orange cordial drinks. 

Or maybe they mixed some water?

More #selfie with the food. 26

At the rate I am drinking the “juice” you could rate how yummy it tasted. 

#blehz. 27

It’s time for a dessert! 27b

Chocolate Dome Feuilletine, Red Friut Compote


It tasted just like a Red Coloured Snow Skin Chocolate Mooncake. 

The chocolate they used is Dark Chocolate which is not to my liking. 


As you can spot, I did not finish my portion of dessert because it is really not to my liking. 

So I’d rather spend more time taking photos and selfies. 29b

Anyway, the cable car are having this ‘Flying With heroes’ theme in their cabin. So we decided to download their app to join in the fun. 29c

So Casper the birthday boy manage to sit alongside with his favourite super hero~!

BAT MAN~! And Casper he is the Bad Man. 

蝙蝠侠 vs 坏男人


I also managed to snap a photo with Bat Man too. Not a fan of Bat Man because my favourite Super Hero is ….


I think they are wrong comic issit? 

Bat Man is under DC Comic – Justice League

Spider Man is under Marvel Super Hero…


So this is the mobile app that you have to download before you can see all this cool stuff. 

Available in both Appstore and Play Store


Anyway, during the round trip.. The official photographer took 3 photos of us. 

We decided to buy 1 to support him. 

The good thing about buying these photos is that they give you the soft copy. But it comes with the “big frame” which I dun really like.

But still like it as it is “bling bling” . 29f

Last but not lest, walking thru the souvenir stall. Nope, no damage done! 30

Time for some modelling poses. 31

I fell in love with this long flight of stairs. It looked so colourful! 

Anyway it marks the night of the trip. 

I shall conclude it is a very expensive dinner but quite worth it for the ambience and the privacy you enjoy for the 90mins trip. 

Message to Casper: Dear Laogong, Hope that you enjoyed your birthday dinner as much as I did! I wish that we could always celebrate your birthday together in different parts of the world and different places. This year sorry that we can’t travel overseas like last year in Taiwan due to my job schedule. I will try to bring you to China to celebrate your birthday next year!

23th August 2014

Elvina’s 21st Birthday Party…

I got a pandora for Elvina because she just own a Pandora bracelet and an additional charm will be awesome!

I got her this “Key” it symbolise key to freedom!


Elvina is having a Pink & Gold birthday party theme. I think she did an awesome job in decorating NSRCC!

She also handmade some chocolate tarts for her guest too.

Note at her serviette, Left is pink & Right is gold.

Look at the details of the cake. It’s pretty awesome too. 37

So glad that I am able to join Elvina for her biggest party of her life… Hopefully I can be part of her wedding in the future too.. lols! 38

Anyway, Note at the Tiara Candle! It’s a gift from Elvina’s friend from a party shop.

Elvina really love princess princess stuff. hehe.. just like me so we can be bffs :) 39

Look at the balloons above us. It’s also blown all by herself! She spend so much effort on her party! *Kudos*

Message to Elvina dear: Dear Elvina, Thanks for making me part of your party and able to celebrate this joyous day with you! I really appreciate you as a friend and may our friendship last forever. It is really awesome to know you through our wedding planner course and having you as my best friend and classmates. Sad that our course is coming to an end but hope we will still keep in contact! Hope in the future we can work together in wedding assignments and be a successful wedding planner together! <3 love you!

27th August 2014

Jin He’s Surprise Birthday celebration.


So Casper and I asked Jin He out and we bought a cake on sly. 40

He is suppose to look surprised on the photo but i dunno why he looked a little bored! But I swear he is very happy!


Selfie with Jin He before we lighted the candle.42

Casper also wanted a selfie with Jin He. Lols! 43

And a solo photo of the birthday boy! 44

Message to Jin He: Dearest Jin He Bro, really glad to know you and having you being part of our foxies team! I appreciate you for always taking care of all of us by being our medic, a counsellor and lastly a best friend. We love you! I also prayed that we will have more foxies trip in the near future! All the best for your career too! :)

So this marks the end of this August Babies Birthday post.


So glad that August is such a good month to me.

P.s September please be nice to me too!


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