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Say Bye Bye to Acne with Benzac! *Advertorial*

Hello Readers,


Today I will be sharing with you about Benzac full range of ACNE Solution!

The Benzac full set of acne solutions range of products includes
– 1) Facial Scrub, 2) Liquid cleansers & 3) Water-based gels
First: Benzac® Facial Scrub, 60ml, $10.90
As I always advised, you need to exfoliate your face to get rid of the dead skin cells so the products you use can be absorbed efficiently. Thus… THIS IS THE PRODUCT you must have!
I usually do exfoliation once a week or once every two weeks because after exfoliation it’s quite drying so you must be very “ONZ” for the next few days to keep moisturising it using hydrating mask.
But apparently, Benzac Facial Scrub is not drying. Thus I can exfoliate more often to get my skin more prepared for the good skin care products I am gonna invest in.
The scrub has a nice sweet scent, and its micro beads are smooth & gentle on my face.
 Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.06.28 pm
Second: Benzac Daily Liquid Cleanser for Oily to Combination skin, 120ml, $12.90
I use this cleanser once in morning before i go to work and once at night when i go to bed. It’s a little drying for me, I think my skin is kinda dehydrated after the sunburning activities I had in msia. Thus i reduce it to once a day.
Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.06.35 pm
Third: Benzac AC® Gel is an aid in the treatment of acne and comes in 3 different gel strengths:

  • Benzac AC® Gel 2.5%, Mild Strength, 60g, $16.50
  • Benzac AC® Gel 5%, Moderate Strength, 60g, $17.50
  • Benzac AC® Gel 10%, High Strength, 60g, $18.50

Benzac AC® Gel is specifically formulated with Acrylates Copolymer (AC) beads to absorb excess oils (sebum) that can carry bacteria, thus reducing surface sebum and it also releases glycerin, which helps to moisturize dry and irritated skin.

its best to always start the treatment with a lower strength (either 2.5% or 5%) gel and its important to read the information leaflet available inside the pack before you start. since this gel is a spot treatment, only applied on affected areas and remember to wash & dry your hands before applying it!

Dun buah your whole face!!!!! Just put in the areas your pimples pop out.

my personal reviews

This gel is super good. It absorb very fast into the skin and has no “niam niam” feelings too!

I love it coz it’s not drying or painful or have those stingy feeling like other pimple cream.

Benzac is also affordable! The whole series confirm cost less than $50! Which is good for 20ish girls like us whereby we got so many things to buy never earning enough!
Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 11.55.46 pm


Benzac Products is Available at National Skin Centre, selected Guardian, Unity and Watsons stores

NOTE: National Skin Centre…. I assume Benzac must be not bad to be on shelves of the Skin Centre!


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