Aunty Fiona and Uncle Jaap Wedding (Day 1 – Singapore to Perth City)

Fiona & Jaap


Hello Readers!

Today, I will share about my reasons for being at Perth City. So in 2011, my Aunty Fiona got married and she is marrying a Dutch. What’s so cool about her wedding? She is holding her Wedding Dinner at Crystal Cave! So let me show you some photos of her wedding and the day photos since I reached Perth.



Day Zero: Singapore to Perth

a1Left to Right: Me, Keslyn and Mummy

We travelled using Jetstar this time. Previously we travelled with Qantas and SQ (Singapore Airline) this time we travelled budget because we are planning to stay in Aussie for 20days and we need more money in Aussie. 

This is some selfies I took when I was 18th years old! Fatter I was previously!

Tadah! We have reached perth! Kinda obvious we landed safely! But first let me take a selfie!

What should you do when you arrived at Perth Airport??

1) Take a Perth brochure

2) Selfie with the Perth brochure

3) Upload your selfie using the free internet services!

Just kidding! Take a brochure and read up more about Perth!

DAY ONE: Perth City


Left to Right: Grand Aunt Susie, 2nd Grand Aunt, Uncle William and Me.


I am glad we arrived in Spring time~! It’s Spring Time, Spring is here~ The weather was cooling, I could wear a trench coat which is not that thick and the flowers were blooming so prettily!


Next time I shall intro to you a vehicle rented by my grandma bridal company for us! It is a land cruiser and it runs on eco-fuel! There was times whereby we got no more “gas” and we have to switch to Petrol! Quite scary but it taught us a lesson, always make sure your gas tank is full!


After which we also went for lunch at somewhere near gramps supermarket. My Gramps used to own a supermarket of their own and they just sold it off so they could pursue their passion. For grandma, her passion lies in gown designing. That’s explain the whereabouts of my wedding gown.


I was pretty amazed that Burswood casino allows 18+ to enter which means I could enter it! But I did not bring my passport so I was denied access. So dear Readers, remember to carry your passport around!
9 10

While the adults went into the casino, the poor me went to watch the black swan. And maybe playing with some sands.


Dinner time we went to Home Town’s Kitchen and probably the nicest chinese food I can find in aussie. They have got curry and braised toufu and free flow rice for the #foreverhungrygirl ! 

Check out Day 2 when it’s ready!

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