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8 Steps Method to Secure your Dream Career! -By: Aaron Tan

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8 Steps Method to Secure your Dream Career!

Hi guys! I am Aaron, Ger’z World Guest Blogger for today! I am very glad to be invited by Gerlyn to write up on a blog post on Job Searching. I have been in the recruitment line for more than a decade. Hopefully what I am sharing below is helpful to all the job seekers out there.

When Gerlyn first approach me, I think to myself, “How hard could blogging be?” But when I am starting to write this blog post, I realised it’s not easy being a blogger. Thank God I am just a guest blogger. So if you enjoy my article, do show me your support by liking this post in Facebook & Sharing it out to all your friends!


1. Always do up a proper CV. Make sure you include your basic personal particulars and ensure all alignments are right. As a recruitment consultant, I always delete CVs that are not easy to read. If a job seeker can’t even get his/her own CV right, how is he/her going to get the job done? So go tidy up that CV now!!


2. Always know what kind of career you are looking for. Some companies may have quite a number of vacancies advertised at the same time, do not blindly apply to all of them. Know what you are looking for and apply for the one, which you feel interest you. Example: If you have a Business Management qualification, the company advertised for HR, Customer Service and Sales Admin, don’t apply all the 3. It only shows to the HR you are not clear of what you want.


3. When applying for jobs, never intentionally pass up on positions advertised by recruitment companies. Many companies, including MNCs and SMEs engage these recruitment companies to handle their manpower needs. However, it is always prudent to apply for jobs with recruitment companies that have good reviews. You might wanna check out Ace Recruiters www.acerecruiters.com Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 11.12.39 pm


4. If you are actively on a job search, ensure you check your emails daily. You don’t wanna miss out on any invitations for interview just because you fail to check your emails. Also ensure you answer all calls. Sometimes, you may miss a call. That’s alright, but always make it a habit to return the call. You never know what opportunities had came knocking. (You expect the HR to do a house visit and invite you to an interview? Dream on mates!)


5. Oh oh oh yeah………(I love you more than I can say…) You’ve been invited for an interview. Great! But don’t get too excited as yet. This is just the beginning. Before attending an interview, always ensure you do a research on the company, example what the company is doing, its background and such, so that you know what you are heading into. On the day of interview, always arrive about 20mins early at the building. Go to the washroom to wash up, freshen up, 7 up or whatever up you wanna name it, before heading into the office. You don’t want to have sweat on your forehead or cheeks during the interview, do you?


6. During the interview, always switch off your handphone, and I mean really switch off, not silent mode. (Geez, I don’t understand why people can’t just switch off the phone). Be confident and express yourself clearly and slowly. Don’t rush in your speech. It makes the interviewer feels you are nervous. Remember, don’t try to smoke the interviewer if you don’t know how to answer the question. They know whether or not you are trying to throw a smoke bomb. If you don’t know the answer to a question, be frank with the interviewer and ask them to enlighten you. Nobody knows everything and it’s not a shame not to know. Another point to note, always tailor your answer to the company’s profile. For example, if you are interviewing in a local SME, interviewer asks “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” Don’t go reply “Oh, I want to be a senior management and lead a group of people” By replying in such way, you are telling the interviewer this company is just a stepping stone for you and you will not stay for long. Now, who likes to be stepped on? You like? Definitely not me!


7. Lastly, when ending an interview session, always thank the interviewer for his/her time with a handshake. It will be good to follow up with a courtesy email to the interviewer. This cycle will go on over and over again till you secure a job.


8. So now you know the process of a job search? So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this post and go tidy up your CV. On the double! Go Go Go!

Do comment below if you have a new topic for me to write too!

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