10 Things to STOP doing after you turn 24 as a Singaporean Girl

Hello Readers & Dearest friends who are reading this… 

Here are a list of things I told myself to STOP doing after I turned 24! I mean yeah, 24 years old, not yet 30… We are still young but we should start to change now if not when we are 30 years old, we will start to blame ourselves for wasting our TWENTIES away.. If you already wasted half of your twenties, you should stop. At least as soon as you could. 

#1 Stop “Ton-ing” it means to STOP staying up late all night.

We all know, there is a reason why our parents always say sleep early, don’t stay up late all night, go to bed early. Yes. Staying up late all night definitely ruin our body health and mental health. 

You may think, yes, I did that when I am in Teens and I feel perfectly alright. But don’t you feel right now when you stay up till 4am you feel TERRIBLE the next day? You can’t concentrate, you feel like your heart and brain is gonna explode ANYTIME!!! JIPABOMB! 

I am not gonna say how Stay Up Late can ruin your body because you totally can google that yourself, all I wanna say is stop doing that. There is nothing worth more that your BEAUTY SLEEP~ 

Sleep is so precious and important so sleep at the right time! Do the right things at the right time!!! 

#2 Stop Dating Unsuitable People

At our age, I am 24 years old too. I am happily married. Not showing off but you can do that if you stop wasting time with unsuitable people. When I was 18 years old, I already know who is suitable and who is not so at that time, I can quickly gauge who is and who is not so and thus I do not waste their time or rather our time. 

It can be very fast, observe them when having meals. If you are looking for someone who is gentleman, just see those tiny actions like example “Do they help you to open canned drinks?” It’s not like we can’t open it ourselves but it’s just like caring actions. 

If you are looking for someone attentive then you observe when you are crossing the ZEBRA Crossing, does he check for traffic or just cross blindly thinking every car will have to stop for him. 

If you are looking for someone who is caring then see when you are exiting the lift, does he block the door or press the button for you. 

All these small little details if you take notice you will waste lesser time. 

AND PLEASE!!! If they are not suitable in DAY 1, I don’t think they will be suitable in DAY 100. There is no rules that you must date unsuitable person for at least 3 MONTHS or at least for how long! So if you know they are unsuitable and you are still dating him/her… Think again! One good question to know if he / she is suitable a not… Ask yourself: “Can I bring this person home to meet my parents?” If the answer is no….. Then you should know what to do… 

My logic, if you don’t think you are marrying or can marry this person… DON’T WASTE TIME DATING! 

Especially if you are a GIRL! 

If you wanna have your first kid before 30 years old, it means you would have to apply a HDB (government flat) at 26 years old. 

Before you apply your flat at 26 years old, you must date for around 1-2 years and hence you must find the right one at 24 years old!

TADAH! How old are you now?! 

#3 Stop making friend with TOXIC People

If you already have a list of people in mind when I am saying this sentence above… YES THEY ARE THE TOXIC PEOPLE I AM TALKING ABOUT!!! 

I mean, you might think that oh no… If I leave them, I will have lesser friends…. 

Seriously.. We need QUALITY FRIENDS and not QUANTITY!!! 

You might think that oh no… If I leave them, they will start talking behind my back…

That’s why you need to leave them! Real friends don’t talk behind your back! They talk in front of your face! 

If they are always judgey about every decision you make and always making you feel UNSURE about yourself, they are this group of Toxic People I am talking about… 

I am just like you before.. I had this toxic friends who judge me, from winning air tickets to USA and winning air tickets to Paris. 

They told me to SELL THEM for my own good! 

They say, your HDB flat is arriving, you shouldn’t spend money travelling.. 

But… I won them… I am flying for free… 

But I also won’t be able to sell them even I want to, it’s against the T&C. 

They say that doing Half Marathon is bad for my uterus, I won’t be able to get pregnant easily if I kept running so much. 

I am not sure if what they say got scientifically proven or what… But it just sound ridiculous because my dream is to run a FULL MARATHON and I always say, I will have a baby after I completed my first FULL MARATHON. I have goals, I am working towards it. But if having a baby will spoil my goals, sorry… Baby you have to wait… Because if I can’t even honour my goals I set for myself, how can I lead a little human life and make them set their goals and say… “You gotta follow your dreams….” 

If they say… “Mama, did you follow your dreams?” 

Then I reply… “Because MAMA have you, so I can’t do my dreams…” LIKE WHAT?! 

Seriously?! No excuses… I am not making myself having any chance to be pregnant before I do my FULL MARATHON! 

I am glad my husband, my in-laws and of course my parents and my sister is so supportive of me. My true friends who already knew my goals supported me as well. 

#4 Stop taking exercise for granted

I know, it’s tiring after work to exercise. You will be thinking, I am not fat, why do I need to exercise? 

But do you know doing 30mins of exercise each day like sweating it out just make you feel good about yourself? 

It’s not about slimming or what, it can lower your chance of getting cancer, increase metabolism rate, and when you exercise, your brain release a certain chemical which makes you feel HAPPY! 

Eventually you feel more confident, have a better appearance, a toned body and definitely increase your self-esteem! 

And if you are trying to slim down, now it’s the right age!!!! 

It’s easier to slim down in your Mid-Twenties than in your Late-Twenties!!! Since your metabolism rate is obviously higher now than later!!!! 

#5 Stop Taking Parents for granted 

One fact for sure, when we are getting older, don’t forget they are getting even older… Probably even weaker. 

We countdown TGIF in office but do you know our parents are counting down towards…….. 

Yeah… So let’s not take them for granted…

If you are no longer staying with them, visit them as frequent as possible…. 

If you are staying with them, the more you should spend time with them…

When I say spend more time, it meant QUALITY TIME…. Play chess with them, talk to them…

PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE and LOOK THEM IN THEIR EYES and ask “How is your day, Mama / Papa?”

Our parents can’t be with us forever… Guess what, who knows if tomorrow we leave the world first instead…

So don’t have regrets… If you have any grudges with them, resolve them TODAY!

Because we don’t know if there is TOMORROW! Can you ensure there is tomorrow? No right? So do it today!!!

#6 Stop wasting too much time on SOCIAL MEDIA

I know we all need the internet, including me. But did you realise when we are scrolling through people’s social media and being too addictive with it, we actually neglecting our work or the people around us? 

I am guilty of it, I spent my whole day scrolling Facebook (FB) looking for baking recipes videos instead of baking itself. 

But I find myself so much efficient if I read a cookbook instead. 

So maybe if we can set a time aside for social media instead of being on them all the time? 

Because recently I got upset with Boon Hee because he actually surf FB during dinner instead of talking to me or watching drama with me! 

We communicate a lot when we watch a particular Hong Kong Drama.. We will be discussing about the plots and the country they filmed and we will say like.. “We shall visit Vietnam one day real soon!”

But I said no… I scare I will be kidnap and trap in a cave for 10 years.

HAHAHA We are talking about…. “DEAD WRONG 致命复活” <—- Go watch it… It’s good! 

#7 Stop being a scatterbrain or FORGETFUL

If you find yourself spending too much time finding this and that at home or at work… It’s time to do something about it..

I have this terrible habit of anyhow placing my home keys after i arrive home.

So every time when I am gonna leave the house, I will spend 10mins looking for my keys to unlock the door!

How do i resolve this? Making sure I put my keys back into where they are suppose to be, the Key Holder Box.

Then I have the bad habit of leaving tissues all around my house after I sneeze in them.

How do I resolve it? Making sure I put them into the bin after I used a tissue.

You are already in your mid-Twenties so please take charge of your own things, throw your own rubbish, keep your own keys!

If you have trouble with them.. Find something to resolve it!

If you can’t think of a solution, PM me, I will help you!

#8 Stop holding on to Unrealistic CHILDHOOD DREAMS

I have tons of Childhood Dreams… I wanna be a Doctor or a Pharmacist and even a Pianist.

But right now at mid-Twenties… Be realistic… I can no longer be a Doctor now or even a Pharmacist unless I have the money to go study and probably graduate in my THIRTIES! LOLS!

So let just move on and forget our old and unrealistic dream…   

I have one last childhood dream which is to be a Pianist. Maybe I can’t be a Pianist now, but I can learn the Piano now. 

When I was younger, we aren’t that well-to-do, we have problems with our next meal, staying in a 2-room rental flat so obviously my mother don’t have that kind of money for me to learn Piano.. But right now, I have my own home, I have Casper’s Piano with me….. Still don’t have that kind of money to learn Piano but I have the INTERNET! So I am self-learning how to play the Piano and in less than 1 week I can play 2 songs! I can play “Beauty & the Beast theme song” and chinese song “月亮代表我的心”。 

Even my mother and Casper heard me playing and they feel so proud of me! Actually I am quite touched myself. With a fractured right ring finger, I can still play the Piano despite the pain. 

#9 Stop holding on to EX-es 

Stop stalking EX Bf / Gf / Friends. There is a reason why the are being AXE-ed by us and out of our lives now. 

Right now I believe they are leading their own life so let us lead our own life too and let us just all move on. No point stalking them and see how they are doing. 

If you find yourself still stalking them, “BLOCK THEM” or “UNFOLLOW THEM”! 

It’s easy and just do it… If you can’t do it, get your BFF to do it for you… 

If you have a boyfriend now, the more you shouldn’t be stalking your EX. 

Like I say, it’s just a waste of time… Remember that,  YOU don’t have much time!!! 


LAST but not least….


gerund or present participle: procrastinating
Meaning: delay or postpone action; put off doing something.
In Singlish, STOP DILLY DALLY! Do it NOW! Do it ONCE, Do it RIGHT!
It’s NOW OR NEVER!!!! 
It’s simple… Do you think you can do it? No? Then stop wasting time thinking about it… 
If YES… Then just do it….. 
If you don’t do it now, when are you going to do it?! 
If you wanna travel….. GO AHEAD if you have the budget! Take the trip you want… Don’t wait… 
I am quite impressed with my BFF, Elvina she wanted a trip to Japan. There she is right now.. She wanted a trip to SCANDI and she has already booked the air ticket this November! 
I am also impressed with my BFF, Jesslyn she wanted a trip to catch the Northern Lights so she saved all the money she could with her Boyfriend Weiren. They don’t spend unnecessarily, they follow their goals and dreams and they are on their way to catch the Aurora Borealis right now! 
I believe both Jesslyn (24yo), Weiren (24yo) and Elvina (23yo) will definitely be able to catch the Northern Lights!
And they are all Singaporeans like you and me, born in 1992 and 1993. Why they can do it and not you? 
Of course, my dream is not to catch the Northern Lights but I believe if I want to, I will be able to do it too! I just have to save up for it! LOLS! 

Just to share.. My dream is to visit all my friends around the world, in London (Liz Read), in Canada (Lynn Waller & Mona Windl) and the US (Brenda Briggs, Julie Roemele, Dianne Slade, Jill Farquhar) and all my fellow Tinker Bell Friends!!!
Another dream is to do a WEDDING Photoshoot in Santorini! This is my dream ok?! I am saving up towards it too! I hope to have a vow renewal with Casper in Santorini! HAHAHAHA hopefully when I have a kid too so he / she can witness it. 
Casper’s current dream is to do a road trip from Singapore to Thailand real soon, hike as many mountains as possible, run as many marathons as possible in neighbouring countries before he scrap his car when the car’s COE (certificate of entitlement) expired. He is working hard towards it too. He dream big and waste no time chasing after his dreams. He made each and every day count. He want a life well-lived and well-loved, and has no regrets.
SO YES! Let us all work towards our goals, be it TRAVEL or to learn a new skill like playing the Piano, or learning to bake or cook. Because if we put our mind and heart to it, we can all be the person we want! Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE because I M POSSIBLE! If you think it’s impossible, PRAY! 

With God All Things Are Possible

Matthew 19:26

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